Collaboration Adoption Services

Helping your business make the most of your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) investment.

Collaboration Adoption Services

If you already have a collaboration platform, such as WebEx, Jabber or Lync/Skype for Business, the chances are your business isn’t fully realising the benefits of this solution. It’s highly likely you could receive a better return on your UCC investment if end-user adoption were higher and employees knew how to get the most from their collaboration tools.

If, instead, you’re planning to introduce new collaboration services, you may be wondering how to ensure people will change the way they work so that productivity and efficiency targets improve significantly, and you get the return on the investment you need.

In both cases, you’re not alone. Changes in workplace behaviour don’t happen by chance. It takes considered planning, guidance, training and support to ensure that new collaboration technology is fully embedded into the day-to-day processes of an organisation.

What’s the solution?

Our Collaboration Adoption Services offer consultancy and training to ensure your UCC implementation is a success. We understand the key to a successful collaboration strategy is not just installing a bit of kit. It’s about embedding the technology into employees’ daily working practices.

With us, customers have seen collaboration adoption levels leap from as little as 10% up to as much as 80% active users per month* – and then remain at this level.

What BT offers:

  • We provide specialist, in-depth support to ensure you start to realise the benefits from day one.
  • We identify focus areas by working with key users to gain insight into how your business works, current processes and behaviours.
  • We work with you to understand the business case behind your UCC investment.
  • We provide in-depth knowledge of the latest UCC technologies and best practice techniques to help you achieve seamless adoption across your business.
  • Our skills include change management, coaching, PR and internal communications. We work with you to configure collaboration tools, define rollout processes and deliver a range of training based on user requirements. We then work on internal PR, create support material and show users how they’ll benefit from new ways of working – bringing your collaboration strategy to life.

Whether you have a collaboration platform in place or are planning to deploy one, a Discovery Workshop with us will help you get the most from your investment.

* Figures provided by our Collaboration Adoption Services partner Sei Mani

Working with you

Whether you’ve already purchased your UCC suite, or are just considering the business case for your collaboration strategy, we can help. We work with existing technology investments to help you get more from it, or ensure your new UCC deployment and rollout is a major business success.

Discovery Workshop (existing collaboration technology)

  • Understands your current situation, levels of adoption and technical configuration.
  • Delivers interactive training sessions where you’ll experience a high touch approach to coaching and behavioural change.
  • Provides a report highlighting the business value that will result from increased adoption.
  • Provides a detailed gap analysis with a plan to move from current levels to high levels of adoption.

Discovery Workshop (no existing collaboration technology)

  • Demonstrates the actual technologies and identifies benefits and value for your organisation.
  • Delivers interactive training sessions where you’ll experience a high touch approach to coaching and behavioural change.
  • Creates internal collateral covering your business needs and the end user value proposition, to help stakeholders understand the benefits and reasons for the business case.

How do you benefit?

Project success

We work with you on the project from end-to-end, ensuring your collaboration strategy achieves its ROI and business objectives, and that end-user take-up is high.

Reduced costs

By ensuring more time and money is saved by not travelling to so many meetings. Staff can still enjoy a face-to-face experience by using the collaboration services available to them.

Better communication

Instantly bring employees and customers together. Meetings can be scheduled with little notice, regardless of geography, ensuring that the most appropriate experts are on hand for the project, wherever they are.

Higher employee satisfaction

Flexible working and collaboration services go hand-in-hand. Reduced traveling enables employees to put that time to more productive use and improve work-life balance.

Increased efficiency

Connect quickly with colleagues, suppliers, partners and clients wherever they are – reducing frustration caused by calendar commitments that delay face-to-face meetings.

Faster decision-making

Process improvements, develop and share documents and information in real-time and respond to day-to-day challenges quickly and effectively.

Improve your green credentials

Reduce carbon emissions by being more environmentally responsible.

Why choose BT?

  • We provide a full range of UCC solutions, some of which are the broadest and most flexible on the market.
  • Our collaboration portfolio is based only on technology from world-class partners to ensure the quality and reliability of our solutions.
  • Our professional services, including consultancy, systems design, project management, training and in-life support, offer all the expertise you need to support your collaboration requirements.
  • Our ITIL-accredited technical services centre provides 24/7 support, handling any issues, organising upgrades and fixing any hardware problems on site. We can design bespoke services for your organisation if required.
  • Our Collaboration Adoption Services enable you to manage your collaboration strategy in the most effective way to deliver outstanding service to customers.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from our Collaboration Adoption Services, download our PDF:

Collaboration Adoption Services from BT PDF